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Kuonao Co.,Ltd. was established in 1973 and specializes in new product developing, producing and selling. There are over 60 cases of products with patent are commercialize successfully.
We offer the professional tutorials and full services to the enterprises. We are also the first ODM & OBM "Development & Incubate" organization in Taiwan. Base on the needs of each enterprise, we offer different innovation, development and marketing strategies.
Recently, Kuonao is focus on new health care products invention and development. We are expecting to expand the health care product market share in Asia, Europe and United States in near future.

Adjustable seat cushion KN-018

1.Tension-based multi-segment adjustment device to support pelvis comfort by adjusting the “arc” of pad according to body contour.2.Tension band is used for displacement to be separate from general cushions with break-through in adjustment concept for convenient operation.3.Back pains due to “poor sitting posture” is eased with immediate adjustment for providing comfortable and healthy sitting.4.Comfortable cushion with ergonomic design to ease “back pains” due to long sitting.5.Portability, convenience and release of long sitting pressure to correct sitting posture naturally.

Eye Massager KN-800A

Auto-adjustment according to face shape、micro-computer digital transfer Control、quiet & low- pressure air pump、hollow air bag device with centrifugal seismic vibration intermission for rub、pinch 、press、+hot heat(degree: 40- 43℃) w/multi-massage waves forms、which activates eyes blood circulation and creates oxygen for the eyes 、and then maintains eyes health.