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Kuonao Co.,Ltd. was established in 1973 and specializes in new product developing, producing and selling. There are over 60 cases of products with patent are commercialize successfully.
We offer the professional tutorials and full services to the enterprises. We are also the first ODM & OBM "Development & Incubate" organization in Taiwan. Base on the needs of each enterprise, we offer different innovation, development and marketing strategies.
Recently, Kuonao is focus on new health care products invention and development. We are expecting to expand the health care product market share in Asia, Europe and United States in near future.

Adjustable Seat Cushion

   Introduction: Made in Taiwan, uCushion is a popular product in Japan.With the global exclusive patented multiple section adjustable string, you can adjust the size and redian of the cushion according to your needs. The cushion of your own will immediately relieve the discomfort in your waist and back due to〝bad sitting posture.〞uCushion not only can help you feel comfortable, reduce pressure, and shape your body. Also, it’s user-friendly and can reduces the pressure which caused by sitting for long time. With uCushion, you are able to keep good sitting posture while maintaining good health easily and naturelly.   Specification: Size:40x35x12cm Material:EVA,Polyester,ABS,Nylon Made in Taiwan

Adjustable Air Seat Cushion

Introduction: Ergonomically arcade pad with sole pioneered dual air sac support, in combination. Patent touch controlled air pressure adjustment button, making desired left and right equilibrium adjustments to your buttock in real-time for comforts. Physical air pressure affect, non-electric powered environmental and health design. Comes attached with an adjustable backrest. How to use: First before use, either to press the adjustment button for approx,8-10 seconds and fully charged gas automatically. Second do not high-press the cushion when aerating, sit down with gently, and then press the adjustment button, to adjust the gasbag for high, low, hard and soft demand. Specification: Size:42.5x39.2x29~41cm Material:Polyester,TPR,PU,FE Made in Taiwan