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Adjustable Air Seat Cushion

  • Model No.:KN-013
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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  • Type:Massager Cushion

Key Features


  • Ergonomically arcade pad with sole pioneered dual air sac support, in combination.
  • Patent touch controlled air pressure adjustment button, making desired left and right equilibrium adjustments to your buttock in real-time for comforts.
  • Physical air pressure affect, non-electric powered environmental and health design.
  • Comes attached with an adjustable backrest.

How to use:

First before use, either to press the adjustment button for approx,8-10 seconds and fully charged gas automatically. Second do not high-press the cushion when aerating, sit down with gently, and then press the adjustment button, to adjust the gasbag for high, low, hard and soft demand.


  • Size:42.5x39.2x29~41cm
  • Material:Polyester,TPR,PU,FE
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Certification: